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Welcome to the Qik API Wiki  


The Qik Platform Application Programming Interface (API) enables anyone to integrate or build web, desktop, phone applications to take advantage of Qik's unique mobile video sharing platform. This document is the official reference for the Qik APIs.


To use these APIs, an API Key is required. To request your API Key, please email api@qik.com. You can also subscribe to the Developer Newsletter by sending an email to api.subscribe@qik.com.



Basics of Qik APIs

The real basics about APIs. Once you get familiar with the basics, try this simple API to get your feet wet. It is like the "hello world" of Qik APIs.  





Push APIs

These transport-neutral APIs provide an easy way to manage and subscribe to push sessions.


Session Management







Subscribe for Push Notifications

qik.stream.subscribe_follow_streams          -- Subscribe to get notified when followers post a Qik video

qik.stream.subscribe_own_user_streams     -- Subscribe to get notified when you post a video Qik video

qik.stream.subscribe_public_live                 -- Subscribe to get notified when any public live video is posted

qik.stream.subscribe_public_recent             -- Subscribe to get all the recent public videos (live and recorded)

qik.stream.subscribe_public_user_streams  -- Subscribe to get all the users public Qik videos

qik.stream.subscribe_user_streams             -- Subscribe to get all the users Qik videos



User Management APIs

These APIs provide a way to manage users. 

qik.user.followers                          -- Provides the list of followers of a user

qik.user.following                         -- Provides the list of people the user is following

qik.user.public_profile                  -- Provides a summary information for the user (by username)

qik.user.public_profile_by_id         -- Provides a summary information for the user (by user ID)

qik.user.public_detailed_profile     -- Provides detailed information for the user (by username)

qik.user.public_detailed_profile_by_id -- Provides detailed information for the user (by user ID)



Video APIs

The video APIs provide information about the Qik videos.

qik.stream.public_info               -- Get public information for a specific video

qik.stream.public_user_streams -- Get all the public videos of a user

qik.stream.info                          -- Get information for a specific video as authorized user



Qik.ly APIs   * New *

The qik.ly APIs provide ways to shorten, expand Qik video links and get additional metadata associated with the videos.

qik.ly.shorten   -- Shortens the qik.com/video/* URL to a qik.ly URL

qik.ly.expand   -- Expands the qik.ly URL to a qik.com/video/* URL

qik.ly.info        -- Provides the metadata associated with the video, like Title, Description, User who produced the video, embed code, etc.

Thumbnail       -- An easy way to get the thumbnail of the video just by appending .jpg to the qik.ly video URL

Embed video    -- A simple way to embed a video into a web page


API clients

Libraries for different languages to access Qik APIs.

          JavaScript        -- Reference JavaScript client


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